Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rantings and Revelations

Good or not-so-good morning. It's nine a.m. in the city of angels and I've got a bone to pick on. Actually, a couple of them.
First off, let me get this huge monkey off my chest: Is it just me or are all of the NOW women being just a bit hypocritical in taking offense at Sarah Palin? I mean, I thought the idea was to empower women-ALL WOMEN-to be able to do anything they want. Come on, I grew up in the late 1960's-70's and all I heard was "women don't make as much money as men" and "women can do anything as well as men and should be given complete EQUALITY and the same freedom as men". So, at long last they have gotten exactly what they've been screeching for, and now they're upset about it. Sarah Palin is a woman, mother, governor, mayor, all-round politician, and vice presidential candidate. What? Are they upset she has kids AND a stellar political career? Uh, exsqueeze me, but isn't that the whole point of the exercise? I was under the apparently mistaken impression that ANY woman should have the COMPLETE RIGHT to live her life and carry out her career in any way she sees fit, mother or no, pro-choice or no. And, speaking of pro-CHOICE, the operative word here being CHOICE--whether the CHOICE is Pro-life or Pro-choice--the WORD here people is, again, CHOICE. If a woman chooses to have 27 children, then that is her right to choose--by the same token, if a women chooses to have innumerable abortions, then that is her right to choose.
Either way, you cannot exclude one choice for another. Either the choices are both acceptable or they are not. What's good for the Pro-Life goose is good for the Pro-Choice goose, like it or not. (And yes, I intended to put two "goose's" instead of a gander, the latter reference being male.) Either we have complete freedom of choice or we don't. Ugh. Politics. It all sucks eggs.
If you haven't muttered "a**hole" under your breath by now, here's another section and topic for my rants and revelations today: writers' inhumanity to writers.
I don't know if any of you belong to any Internet groups out there so if you have no idea what I am talking about, feel free to click yourself out of here. For those of you who do...
Writers have swarmed the world wide web, myself included. We blog and blog and blog ourselves ragged, then we join groups to announce our bloggings. While I think this is absolutely wonderful, there is a little habit that irritates me to no end. Writers ignore other writers' blogs. We just don't read 'em. Whether it's lack of time, lack of professional courtesy, or the ever-present egomaniacal mentality of "I can do better than that" I can give no solid opinion, since I admit I've done this myself.
However, every so often, I force myself to leave me and go visit someone else's site. I try to at least leave a comment every time, time permitting. Now, if I, the most self-absorbed bit of human flesh to ever crawl the Earth, can step out and attempt to be kind, I would love to experience some reciprocation.
But I don't. Usually, I don't even get acknowledgement that I've commented at all, let alone a reciprocal visit to my blogsites. Now I know people are busy. I know they all have lives and I also know they're busting their buns to promote their work any way they can. So am I. But if a writer can respond to a long collection of group posts with at least three 'Yes I do" or "I agree with you" responses, it means they've perused the other posts and taken time to give even a one-word response.
So, what's the problem? Most of my posts are not pages and pages long. I try to get out the point in the most concise way possible. And yet, despite all of the new post announcements and listing my links on every group possible, no one bothers to visit. Hell, at this point, I'd be happy with a 'screw you' comment. At least I'd know someone reads what I've bothered to write. Ah, but no. We're all so busy writing about being writers,that we don't read those same writings. Talk about a conundrum.
Speaking of conundrums, it's time for my breakfast. Cold cereal or something hot? Milk or coffee?(coffee) Denver omelette or breakfast burrito? Ha! Fooled ya'! I don't even eat breakfast.
I'm through now. Through begging people to visit my sites. Through trying to find some sanity in the political theatre. Through pretending I eat breakfast. I'm through.

The Egypsy has spoken.

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