Monday, October 27, 2008


Happy Halloweenies invisible readers! Today, I thought I'd discuss the appropriate subject of Vampyres and Vampyria--and no I'm not talking about the politicians.

No, I'm talking about the real bloodsuckers-again, I am not talking about the politicians. Now, I know they're sexy (the vampyres, not the politicians, unless you're a wayward intern) mostly because they're forbidden and because they're forbidden, they're dangerous. Who wouldn't like to be seduced, against their will (and not having to admit responsibility for their behavior!) by hypnotic eyes, lovely haunting music in the background, and their deepest passionate desires literally sucked out of them?

I admit I used to be intrigued by them as well, when I was younger. Until I read and saw "'Salem's Lot" book by Stephen King, movie by Tobe Hooper (Director) when I got personally grossed out with the super ugly head Vampire dude (bald with hideous fingers). And then, I read the book and saw excerpts from "Interview With the Vampire" which really disappointed me. It was about then that I realized being undead was creepy rather than cool. Not to mention the eternal damnation of it all.

Flicks aside, why is it teenagers and early adults find Vampyrism so delicious? I venture a few opinions and ideas:
Teenagers, yearning yet frightened by their own sexual development, find in Vampyres a safe way to deal with their hormonal floods by having someone else force them into what they secretly want (read above statements) without admitting they are engaging in scary adult behavior.

Young adult women are pretty much the same way, only instead of burgeoning sexuality, they are more interested in the romance of Vampyrism. The faint, wan, young woman, virginally asleep, drawn from her bed by a dark and seductive lover of sorts. He bites her and she is eternally his, his Vampyre wife, slavishly in love with him and forced to do his bidding. What could be more 'romantic' than that?

I'll tell ya', it's a lot less bloodletting than the current political campaigns!

The Egypsy has spoken.