Monday, July 14, 2008

Numero Uno

First off, welcome my friends, real or imaginary.
Second, come on Media! It's Brangelina, not The Immaculate Conception!
Well, now I've either alienated you completely or made a fan of you. Your choice, as always. And, am I alone in thinking "Mamma Mia" is on the slightly skanky side?
"It's about everything good!" gushes Meryl Streep. Not knowing which of three men is the father of your child ranks as 'good'? Now, granted, I have not seen this film/broadwayshow/whatever so this is only my impression but truthfully, I hesitate, if not downright recoil, from plunking down money for this set of on-screen shenanigans. If you see it, let me know.
However, this blog is not about my Hollywood opinions. At this point I'm not even sure what it will be about. I'm thinkin' a sort of rambling, bitchy kind of vent about the general condition of this particular world. Don't know. Maybe I never will. More likely, you never will.
In any case, I had to post something to keep this little bitty ditty alive, so go ahead, do your worst.

The Egypsy Has Spoken.

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